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  • Anoitecer em Uberlândia
  • Estádio João Havelange
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Educational and Technological Development

The CBIE V, to be held between 24 and 27 October 2016 in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, will primarily focus on innovation in educational technology. The innovation in the field of information technology in education must rely on the inclusion of new technologies capable of enabling the creation of advanced educational systems that take into account the individual needs and characteristics of students. In order to pursue innovation, the inclusion of technologies such as computational intelligence, Semantic Web, recommendation systems, machine learning, data mining, among others is essential.     

Debates on how to break down barriers and challenges in information technology in education through Innovation and Entrepreneurship are important and should be stimulated. Important topics such as collaborative learning, educational robotics, multi-agent systems, affective learning, ubiquitous computing, gamification, affective computing, mobile computing, educational games, Digital TV, content authoring and learning objects, among others should be present in the discussion.     

For the development of relevant technologies on a large scale in educational settings, the V CBIE will be a conductive environment. The discussion of experiments on the use of new educational technologies is going to bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, and professional working with education on all its levels. As a result, new opportunities and innovative possibilities for educational and technological development are going to emerge.







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